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Oil & Gas Royalty Interests Program

SFO Resources, originally known as SFO Petroleum Exploration, Inc, has built 26 miles of pipelines with five pumping stations, plus drilled 120 oil and gas wells throughout Oklahoma, Kentucky and Illinois, acting as the managing operator for more than 85 of those wells with a successful completion rate of 87.7%. Mr. Glass was published in Oil and Gas Investor magazine for “Petrometrics- An Investor’s Guide to Oil and Gas Investments”.

We bring our extensive trading and operational oil/gas experience to the investment field with our Oil & Gas Royalty Interests Income Program. This investment niche in the energy sector eliminates the complications of capital equipment and field operations and focuses on one thing- royalties-No exploration, no drilling, no operating drilling or field operating expenses.

With royalty investing, the royalty interests are bought, sold and held by the investment managers (SFO). In a royalty investment, the objective of the investment is to generate its revenue from royalties that are held from different producing field throughout the country. The main feature to owning a percentage of a royalty fund is that the royalty owner (or interest owner) pays no percentage of operating or developmental costs associated with the production of the oil or gas. Royalty programs generally offer a low risk factor, and last for many years.

With overriding royalty interests, investors also receive a portion of the income from the production of oil and gas, however, owners of overriding royalty own only proceeds from the production of minerals and not the minerals under the ground. Overriding royalty interest expires once the lease has expired and production has stopped, whereas, minerals and royalty owners maintain their ownership after production stops.

SFO Resources delivers the following for oil/gas royalty investors:

  • Diligent analysis & judicious acquisition
  • Internal engineering verified by independent analysis of field reserves before acquiring a royalty interest
  • Selection of good operators
  • Field & Geographic Diversification
  • Regular meetings of the Selection committee to review portfolio & evaluate strategic opportunities
  • Independent quarterly review of portfolio

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